Seed Sale on DeFiant

Seed Sale on DeFiant Platform

Bear Crush
May 17, 2022


Bear Crush seed sale on DeFiant Platform has started!

馃搱50% gain on listing
馃槺2 NFT airdrops worth $400
馃審Access to P2E, Metaverse + More

Fill up this form to participate and receive NFT airdrops:

Bear Crush is a Play-to-Earn NFT Candy Bear-themed puzzle with DeFi, Metaverse and more!
Inspired by Candy Crush Saga which has 250 million users and generated $1 Billion revenue, Bear Crush is definitely targeting mass adoption from casual gamers of this genre.

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Bear Crush

Bear Crush is a NFT Play2Earn candy bear-themed puzzle game with DeFi features, own NFT marketplace & Metaverse. Crush more bears for more rewards!